We have only one rule, play nicely.

In simple terms, don't be a dick.


We will not accept any trolling or rude behaviour. If you are unhappy with anything please let us know and we will happily refund your ticket and send you on your way. Anybody found being rude to another attendee or speaker will be asked to leave.
'We are all in this together' - Cast of Glee 2010.


If for any reason you can't attend, please let us know no later than 1st November 2013 to claim a refund. Sorry, but we cannot issue refunds after this date. You could always just sell your ticket to your mate though.

Selling your ticket

We're happy for you to transfer your ticket to a mate, but you must let us know, if you name is not on our list, you won't be getting in.

Photos, tweets, feedback and video

As a registered attendee, you automatically give us your permission to use any photography or video taken on the day. We also reserve the right to use any event-related tweets, quotes or feedback you might give in future material, fully credited of course. We promise not to do anything bad with your image, like photoshop a baboons genitals in to the shot.


We all love cats, but please don't bring them with you to the venue. I am allergic.