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As my previous post explains, Handheld isn't happening this year. Instead I am doing something a little different. Handheld was a great success but I want things to be even better this time.

I have always been interested in stories. Stories make me sit up and listen. Stories put things into context. Stories make me think. This years conference will have stories, a whole day of them. This means that the conference will be a two day event. The first day entitled 'stories of the web', the second entitled 'build the web'. As the heading suggests, the second day will be a lot more like a traditional web conference, discussing technique and tools.

2014 sees the 25th anniversay of the World Wide Web. Who would have thought that the web would have such an impact on modern society as it does today? Sir Tim Berners-Lee changed the world, and perhaps more importantly has empowered all of us to change the world in our own little way, one <h1> tag at a time. The web to me is a beautiful place.

The Web is for sharing & educating
The Web is bringing the world closer together
The Web is enabling change
The Web is for everybody
The Web is...

So can you guess the title of this years conference?

The Web is... is coming to the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on October 30-31st. The confirmed lineup so far is what dreams are made of, packed full of storytellers, makers and industry changers. This is one conference you won't want to miss.

Full details and tickets will be available 10:00am, March 3rd.

It has become a tradition of mine to work with some great talent for each years conference website. This year's site is a technical marvel, just 1 http request and weighing in at just 39kb. It paves the way for the full conference site which is coming along very nicely. The brains behind this years site is Donovan Hutchinson, a purveyor of fine CSS and an absolute joy to work with. 
Published by Craig Lockwood
on the 21 January 2014