What are theft resistant number plates?

Although headlights, rear lights, and bumpers and spoilers are typically the more expensive external elements of a motor vehicle, criminals tend to steal number plates at a significantly higher rate. This is down to the fact that number plates are much harder to manufacture or purchase owing to the documentary requirements imposed by DVLA. So it’s no surprise then that over 20,000 number plates are stolen from parked vehicles annually.


The stolen plates are used for a variety of nefarious activities, ranging from fuel theft at fuel stations and car cloning (using the plates on stolen vehicles) to car masking (hiding the ownership of vehicles during criminal activities).



Statistically speaking, the probability of your plates being stolen is quite low, especially if it’s a personalised plate. However, if it actually happened, you could be looking at a world of trouble ranging from monetary losses to being implicated in a crime. One good way to ensure that you will never have to experience this is by installing theft resistant number plates on your car.


What is a theft resistant number plate?


A theft resistant number plate (also known as tamper proof number plates) is a specially designed number plate that cannot be removed from a vehicle in less than three minutes. Since speed is essential during robbery, thieves usually avoid vehicles using these modified plates.


In addition, if thieves are still intent on stealing the plates, a second feature kicks in – the number plates disintegrate into small pieces once removed. Once that happens, the number plates can no longer be used on another vehicle. The concept behind theft resistant number plates is actually quite ingenious, isn’t it?


If you want to make things even more difficult for potential thieves, use tamper proof screws to secure the plate on your vehicle. These screws cannot be removed using screwdrivers, and the screw head design prevents them from being forcibly pulled out using pliers or spanners.


Where to buy theft resistant plates?


Theft resistant number plates are available in most major car accessory stores around the country. It can also be purchased from UK Police’s online store, Secured by Design. Please note however that the cost of these plates are typically double that of conventional ones. But if you are parking your vehicle in a shared space, this is a must have investment to give you peace of mind.